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About Us


The Restaurant

        Siam is the former name of Thailand and represents cultural diversity. Thai people came from different backgrounds and had various languages. They united with respect as well as created a sophisticated value through Art, Music, and Food.

        Le Bien means “Good” in French. Our mission is to prepare and to serve you the delicious Thai dishes with original flavour, containing Thai herbs and fresh ingredients. Siam Le Bien Thai Cuisine deliver our passion and care into every dish we made.


       We are excited to create you a new dimension of Thai plates under the authentic flavour. Your happiness, joyful, and good dining experience are our goals.


Our Kitchen

Siam Le Bien Thai Cuisine is proud to serve you the defining balance of sweetness, sourness, saltiness, spiciness, and umami. We selected only fresh and high quality of ingredients into our kitchen for delivering the remarkable authentic Thai food to your table. Our menus were elected from the well known Thai dishes and combined them in our Wok. We also offer you a good combination lunch set to boost your energy for the rest of your day. All what we served is our passion and our most effort to bright up your dining experiences and be a part of your memory.

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